Athlete of the Month

July 2020

Tracy Gaona

When did you find CrossFit?

This is my 4th summer doing Crossfit.

What is your favorite part of CFW?

I love having a different workout everyday! Every workout challenges me and I feel like I get so much out of the hour we are there. I also love the friendships I have created at Crossfit and being able to work out with friends everyday.

What is your most loved lift or movement?

I have so many favorites but I do love split jerk and dumbbell snatches.

What is your most challenging movement?

Overhead Squat.

What is your most recent PR?

I have never really paid attention to my PRs but I might start 😛 but I guess I was proud of my 50 double unders, which I got during the quarantine workouts.

What are some goals you would like to work towards?

I’d love to work towards being able to do RX pistols and ring dips.

How has Crossfit impacted your life?

Crossfit helped me feel great and stay healthy during two pregnancies as well as through postpartum! Crossfitting while pregnant helped give me an appreciation for what my body can accomplish. After baby, it always feels like you are starting at zero but Crossfit and the encouragement of everyone helps you get back on track and push yourself to be better than the day before.

Do you have any tips or advice for those just starting out?

Crossfit is so fun! After every class, you feel so great and you did something good for yourself. Go for it and try it!