Jairus Camarena

Hi all!

Meet our athlete for February 2020, Jairus! Jairus has been going hard for almost a year, and always gives a strong effort in every class. With a busy schedule and family it can be difficult to make time to workout, but Jairus is a great example of making fitness and health a priority. Congrats and well deserved!

Check out his profile below..

When did you find CrossFit?
I first came to Crossfit May 2019 a couple weeks after my wife Kristy (although I was the one initially pushing us to try it!).

What is your favorite part about it?
My favorite part about CrossFit is the team environment. You feel part of a family where everyone is pushing and encouraging you to do the best you can. And what’s even cooler, it doesn’t just stop in the Gym!

What is your most loved lift/movement?
My favorite movement would be the Split Jerk.

Most challenging?
The most challenging movement for me would be the Overhead Squat.

Most recent PR:
My most recent PR was Deadlift at 385.

Any goals you’re working towards?
My next goals are getting Double Unders and Muscle Ups by the end of the year.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?
CrossFit has definitely impacted my life. It has improved my views on health and fitness and realized the importance of making it a priority. My marriage is stronger (especially because I get to do this with my wife and we are both very competitive and push each other a lot), and I feel healthier, stronger, and better about myself.

If you had one tip of advice for someone just starting CrossFit what would it be?
A tip of advice for someone just starting would be allow yourself time to learn the movements and let your body adjust to the type of training that CrossFit is. Once you get through learning the fundamentals, you will be surprised how fast you progress and then really start having fun either competing with your friends, or see what you are really capable of doing!