Athlete of the Month

August 2020

Patrick Pedersen

When did you find CrossFit?

February 2016.  I wasn’t progressing at my old gym and wanted to do CrossFit to continue to grow.

What is your favorite part of CFW?

The members and the coaches!  Both help me through challenging movements and workouts.  I know that they’ll always be there to support me when I need to get through a workout, a bad day, or anything else.

What is your most loved lift or movement?

Running!  Whether it’s a sprint or a mile run, I love to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while pushing myself.

What is your most challenging movement?

SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!!  Overhead squats would probably be on the top of the list as I never feel comfortable with the wide grip and the weight overhead.

What is your most recent PR?

We did a WOD on 6/29 of an 800m row, 8 rounds of 7 pullups/6 pushups/5 deadlifts, and finished it with a 800m run.  I was happy to complete it in 19:40.  I came back on 8/20 and did the same WOD (subbing out the 800m run at the end with a 800m row due to my walking boot) and I completed it in 17:02.  

What are some goals you would like to work towards?

I would love to do a muscle up one day.  I’d also like to master wall balls and thrusters as they kick my butt every time.

How has Crossfit impacted your life?

I use the same mindset in the gym as I do anything else – if you work hard enough on something, you will eventually succeed.  

Do you have any tips or advice for those just starting out?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions as you can always learn something new, whether you’ve been doing Crossfit for 4 days or 4 years.