Naga Velicheti

When did you find CrossFit?

I came to know about CrossFit in March of 2018 when my cousin told me about this and joined here at CFW in June of 2018.

What is your favorite part about it?

Not one, there are 2 things which I really like.

1. Every day is different, and you don’t know until you come in and see the white board.

2. Doesn’t matter how scary the workout looks, you will have friends who will stand beside you and keep you going till you finish it. The one to finish last gets more cheers and support than anyone 😊 just love this kind of workout.

What is your most loved lift/movement?

I love to do squat cleans and back squats, don’t know why (But I really have a very big crush on “pull up’s” one day I am going to make them mine 😊 and enjoy them like anything).

Most challenging?

Burpees…sometimes they are intimidating especially when they are mixed with other workouts in the WOD.

Most recent PR:

Front Squat (#205), 500M row- 1:47.6.

Any goals you’re working towards?

YES…I really want to do the below before 2019 ends.

1. Body weight Pull Up’s.

2. Perfect Push Up’s (I use my knees as of today).

3. Perfect Box jumps (right now I am doing step up’s).

4. 20 lb. wall balls above the black line.

5. Half Marathon (targeting to achieve this by mid next year).

6. Murph (on body weight, next year).

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

I really learned a very good lesson for life here at CrossFit, not sure if I am wording this correctly but this is what I want to say. Until before I joined CrossFit, I used to think that we should have a goal in life and run after that, sounds good but after starting to work out here and see people, most of them whose names I don’t even know at the start, standing by my side and make me get through the WOD’s, I felt like there is something more than working hard towards personal goal. Try to lift/encourage someone who is struggling to give/find their best. The same when applied to real life outside CrossFit, I could really feel good about myself. If I continue to do the same in all other aspects of life, I can definitely become a better person than I was. Thanks to each and every one!

If you had one tip of advice for someone just starting CrossFit what would it be?

For someone who is starting CrossFit or looking to start, I can say that this is not something like a regular GYM/Fitness Center you see outside. When you start here, first week you will feel like it is very hard to get through the workouts. After 2-3 weeks you will start to see the difference in the way you work out. After one month you will start loving this and soon even before you realize you are getting fit, you will have a new family of friends and you don’t want to leave this for anything better. Trust me… I travelled this path.