All of our CrossFit classes consist of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  Every workout is designed around different core movements of everyday life and can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels.  Our certified trainers are here to help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp classes are very similar to our CrossFit classes, however, they tend to move at a slower pace to allow members to become comfortable with all movements.

Youth Strength and Conditioning

In our youth strength and conditioning class we want to teach our children how to have fun while working out.  Our goal is to teach them how to move correctly and efficiently and allow them the opportunity to build off of the basics in the future.  We focus a lot on body weight and endurance building movements in a fun structured atmosphere.


Our monthly membership offers unlimited classes! Please contact us for pricing and we would love to give you a free week on us!

Personal Training 

Personal training is also available upon request! We can cater programming specifically to your needs. Our trainers are very familiar, educated, and experienced in programming for clients with injuries or problem areas. Inquire to schedule a free consultation to see what option best fits your needs.

Interested in any of our programs?